Frog Street Assessment

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Frog Street Assessment

Posted by Brasseur Advent on Saturday, 15 February, 2020 00:05:23

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The Frog Street Pre-K program includes Weekly Assessments to help teachers identify key vocabulary, skills, and concepts that may be observed and assessed. These helpful tools may be kept in children's portfolios and shared with parents during parent-teacher conferences. Print the assessments from the Assessment CD when you're ready to make an observation.

Frog Street Toddler Learning Goals A. PHYSICAL WELL-BEING AND MOTOR DEVELOPMENT 1. Health and Well-being a. Shows signs of healthy development b. Responds when physical needs are met c. Expresses physical needs nonverbally or verbally d. Participates in physical care routines e. Begins to develop self-care skills f.

Instructional video for navigation menu in Frog Street Assessment.

Instructional Video for using Test Explorer and Managed Testing in Frog Street Assessment (Administration)

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