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Posted by Bouthillier Abel on Wednesday, 26 February, 2020 01:38:01

The Top 10 Orange Leader Blog Posts of 2019. by Orange Leaders. Before we get to next year, we wanted to celebrate the top blog posts from Orange Leaders during 2019. We published about 150 different posts during the year and here are the top 10, based on the number of views by readers like you. Setting Goals for Community Outreach This Year

Orange is SIMPLE. It's a STRATEGY. It starts with two individual influences in a child's life: Alone, these two work hard to ensure that every child has a. But when they're COMBINED, the home and church will have a. And that is… ORANGE. We like talking about Orange. It's kind of a big deal to our team.

by 252 Team December 31, 2019 How To 0 Comments. These posts are designed to review the lesson, so plan for them to appear in your ministry's social media accounts after you've taught the lesson in your ministry. Also, if you share social media accounts with other ministries in your organization, coordinate with

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Orange VBS includes resources and built in opportunities to share what kids are experiencing and learning with their parents. And everything included with Orange VBS is designed to build stronger connections - between your ministry and the families at VBS, between Small Group Leaders and the kids in their groups, and between you and your

Because the middle school and high school phases are unique…and they both matter.